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A perfume elaborated following the laws of ancient alchemy.It combines all the sensitivity and energy of the four elements with the magic properties of the Platonic solid forms, completed by a secret ingredient drawn from the platinum family. This magic is reflected in a perfume with hints of flower and fruit, leading a woman to level of sensitivity and sensuality without equal.

4 Elements

  • Top notes
    Cyclamen - Lily of the Valley Melon - Woody - Earthy Lemon - Raspberry - Ros

    Middle notes
    Fungoide - Mineral - Moist - Spicy Woody - Rose - Neroli - Jasmine - Ginger

    Base notes
    Patchouli - Cedar - Balsam - Musk - Amber Vanilla - Vetiver - Sandalwood - Oud - Honey

    Eau de parfum

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